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Edward R. Kirkpatrick is a spiritual and business mentor, entrepreneur, author and certified transformational life coach. He is the Founder and CEO of Life2TheMax® And with over 23 years of mentorship and counseling experience, he has assisted tens of thousands across the world to experience advancement in their careers, better serve their families, expand their businesses and realize their ministry assignments.

Life2TheMax® is a God-given vision that was birth out of a desire to both experience and see others live a life of abundance. Edward has dedicated his life to helping others discover their purpose, pursue their dreams and become the greatest version of themselves to fulfill their destiny. Edward’s Life2TheMax® principles seek to provide a blueprint for every person to have a life full of peace, love, joy, good health and prosperity.

As an anointed leader, Edward continues to see the plan of God unfold in his life. He has been blessed with a wonderful wife, Kimberly and four beautiful children.

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Ashley Crawford
Greensboro, NC

I was blessed during Life 2 The Max seminar and will be adding value to myself to complete my book and be a blessing for young girls and women through self love and relationships.

Traona Kearney
Hairstylist- Masterminds

As an entrepreneur, continuing education for both my professional and personal life is vital. Hearing Dr. Steve and Pastor Kirkpatrick gave GEMS that I will use to propel my life to the max! I'm so grateful for a leader to care as much about their member success as he [Pastor Kirkpatrick] does. I'm excited to implement new skills i've learned during this conference!!

Brittany S. Jackson
Business Owner:Real Estate 360

These men of God have definetely paved the way for my faith and belief to change the world as I always knew I would!

Barbara Greene
Greensboro, NC

The conference has inspired me to go for my dreams. The fire has beeen rekindled and I look forward to 'Life2TheMax'! Thank you Pastor Kirkpatrick!

Rashad Fant
Minister & Author

I received a new idea for my second book while sitting in one session of #Life2TheMax

Pamela M. Johnson
Greensboro, NC

This conference has been a blessing and has rekindled my desire to pursue entrepreneurship!

Antoine Adams
Musician, Entrepreneur

I’m 7x’s wiser!! This event has me fired up. I learned so much. Many things were confirmed, and imparted. I’ll never be the same! Make sure you don’t miss the next event!! #life2themax

Sharon Lyles
Entrepreneur from High Point, NC

Very enlightening and empowering! We must change our mindset and we have the power to.

Bertha Bluford

I am learning to stay focused!

Meiko Chambers

I learned from Life2TheMax how to continue to be a lion. No matter what it is, continue to stand my ground on what I believe I can accomplish. The Life2TheMax Experience gave me insight on my goals and how and what I need to do to become successful.

Joan E. Walden

The workshop has given me more insight into living life to the max. I want to envision more and better in my years.

Carol McDowell

These sessions have been an enlightenment and a refresher. One statement that I heard was so profound, the statement was that "God is a God of progression". Our growth comes in stages and seasons of life. I came ready to hear,act, and make changes in my life. I am really ready! I will live the rest of my life to the max. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to be revived and refreshed.

Angel N. Baptist
Greensboro, NC

My eyes were enlightened by the revelation that there is a dream inside of me and I have to reset the governor inside of me to maximize my fullest potential. Life is a choice and I have to choose to be great. Make connections up…Glory to God!

A. M.
Greensboro, NC

...I learned so much to live my life intentional, live it to the max, and have a vision!

R. A. D. C.
Greensboro, NC

I'm 30 years old in July and the past ten years I've struggled with figuring out what I want to do with my life... This conference has really confirmed many things i've been asking and wondering not to mention it has completely fired me up. I've never been more excited to really start my life and become an achievement for the kingdom. On-time God. In Jesus name.

Ashley D. Johnson
Mother & Entrepreneur from Greensboro, NC

I enjoyed the event. So glad that I had the time to make the event. It was so refreshing to be motivated about my dreams and visions. I've made a vow with myself to not just be a hearer but to be a doer. Before the end of this year, my life will be changed. I've been truly blessed!

Allegra Seegars
Owner of Alabaster Box from Greensboro, NC

The Life 2 the Max event is phenomenal! The setting was very professional! I enjoyed learning and listening to the various individuals discuss dreams and becoming a reality and understanding problems in life are an opportunity to grow. I know this event will become national and encourage others to grow spiritually and financially.

Greensboro, NC

I truly enjoyed this conference. It was exactly the words I needed to get through my challenging moments of insecurity and doubt. The strategics and steps learned will definitely be utilized to advance in life and live life to the max. Thank you for these powerful words and encouragement!



Edward Kirkpatrick presented...

Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Group
- Greensboro -

Oct. 5th, 12th & 19th, 2019

Thank you to all those who took the course!

Stay tuned for more events in 2020, sign up with our newsletter to be informed of the next event(s)!


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Join Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick and The Life2TheMax Team at our next Life2TheMax Experience!
Our Life2TheMax events will create an environment for your vision and dreams to expand and thrive. Through our tailored suite of sessions led by Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick and other world-class leaders in their respective fields, you are guaranteed to leave equipped and empowered for the next step in your journey.
All attendees are invited to join us for a special VIP luncheon that is coupled with an intimate Q&A session hosted by Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick and our panel of speakers.
Every experience will empower and engage every attendee in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, financial success, investing, real estate and more.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to be in the same room as like-minded individuals determined to pursue their dreams and fulfill their destiny. Our Life2TheMax e-mail list will be the first to know the details of our next Life2TheMax Experience – so sign up today!

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Interested in private coaching sessions with Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick? Schedule your complimentary “Transform Your Dreams Into Reality” 30-minute strategy call today!
Your “Transform Your Dreams Into Reality” strategy session will allow our Life2TheMax team to learn more about you, your goals and how we can help you realize your dreams. Each strategy session will include the opportunity to take advantage of one of our Life2TheMax coaching packages.
Each package contains scheduled one-on-one calls or video chats with Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick, a personalized action plan, E-courses on various subjects, Life2TheMax gear and so much more.
So book your “Transform Your Dreams Into Reality” strategy session today so we can determine how we can help you achieve your goals and experience #Life2TheMax!

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Not quite ready to take advantage of our private coaching sessions? Our Life2TheMax Mastermind Groups are perfect for you! Our Mastermind Groups are designed to connect like-minded individuals around a particular subject or goal. We believe that a structured group environment creates the opportunity to network and provide built-in accountability with people that are on the same path as you.
Led by Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick each class will focus on a particular goal or subject and will be held in either a classroom setting or via virtual webinar. The set subject or topic will be announced once registration is open.
The goal is to pursue your dreams but the key is understanding that you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s grow together!

Event Speaking

Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatrick is a gifted speaker and teacher. For over 23 years, he has taught hundreds of thousands of people on how to transform their lives through renewing their minds and gaining a better understanding of truth. From small group sessions to stadium seating, Edward is guaranteed to empower and impact every audience he has the opportunity to serve.
You may submit all booking inquiries through our Life2TheMax contact form. A Life2TheMax Team Member will make contact regarding your submission.

Impact Leadership Trainings

Our Impact Leadership Trainings are designed to empower leaders in the public, corporate and ministry sectors. By following Certified Transformational Life Coach, Edward Kirkpatricks’s Impact Leadership modules, you can expect a greater understanding of leadership, organization, finance, character development and how to connect with others. Edward believes that we can better service our communities, businesses and ministries by being intentional on growing ourselves as leaders.
Our mission is to teach, train and equip today’s leaders for tomorrow’s endeavors. Contact us today to learn how we can assist your leadership team.